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1. What is Aficionado Experts?

Aficionado Experts helps you to locate academic researchers as easily and efficiently as possible. If you are looking to partner or collaborate with academia for R&D or innovation, then Experts can help you find academics who have the correct expertise and background.

2. How do I use Aficionado Experts?

Simply start by entering a search query to find the expert you are looking for. You can search by the topic or keyword that describes the research area of your potential expert. Alternatively, if you have an expert in mind, you can search for them by name.

The experts returned from the search all have detailed profiles where you can see a number of details about them:

  • a word cloud of their most frequent topics and keywords.
  • a graph of the evolution of their research over time.
  • a list of other researchers that the expert collaborates with.
  • a list of the research publications they have published.

Aficionado Experts also allows you to explore and discover the experts, publications and institutional competencies through various interface interactions. Go have fun!

3. What happens when I find a suitable expert?

When you find an expert who you want to contact about possible collaboration, simply click on the "CONTACT" button on the left side of the profile.

This will launch a feedback window asking for some very basic information. If you submit this contact window your request will be answered by a representative of the Institution of your chosen expert.

4. Who built Aficionado Experts?

Experts was built and is maintained by Aficionado Technologies Ltd. We are a university spin out with three products in the Academic sector for the management of university and research resources.

For more information, check out www.aficionado.ie


1. Where does Experts get its information about academics?

Most of the research in Ireland is publicly funded, and therefore the output of this research is supposed to be publicly accessible. Nearly every research institution in the world has a public repository of publications (usually maintained by library services) where academics can push their publications and research output. This process has many benefits for a researcher including, fulfilling the guidelines of the funding agencies and raising their profile and opportunities for citations.

Aficionado Experts harnesses this ready made source of information. If you are an academic and your publications are available through the repository at your university or institution - then you are already an expert in the system.

In this deployment of Aficionado Experts for Knowledge Transfer Ireland, we use a combination of the publication data from a range of sources to generate the expert profiles, including: institutional repositories (through OAI-PMH), PubMed, DBLP, etc. as well as patent information from Espacenet and funding information from EU databases.

2. How does Aficionado Experts generate my profile?

Aficionado Experts automatically builds expert profiles from publication output, patent submissions and funding attainment.

In order to be classified as an expert, the system must be able to detect recent research publication activity.

Aficionado Experts is unique in that it never asks an expert to create or maintain a profile on our system, we access information about our experts from the publication repositories at host institutions and other sources.

All profiles are automatically generated by Aficionado's core technologies which uses the latest techniques from the areas of data mining, machine learning and natural language processing to aggregate and analyse both structured and unstructured research activity data sources.

3. Why can't I find a particular expert? Why are some expert publications missing?

In some instances a research expert may be missing or an expert's publication details may be incomplete. Why is that?

The expert profiles on Aficionado Experts are generated from institutional and other trusted data sources (see Question 4 below for list of sources) but as such the quality of the expert profiles are dependent on the quality of data coming from those sources.

If you cannot find a known expert (or a known expert's information is incorrect or incomplete) it is usually because their publications or other data cannot be found on the source repositories. Please check the next question for information on how to update your publications.

If there is anything else that we can help with, please let us know through our Feedback facility and we will try our best to help rectify the issue, as quickly as possible.

4. How do I improve my profile on Experts?

The best way for current experts to update their profile is to simply make sure that all of their research publications are available through the repository at their host institution. We regularly check for new publications and automatically update expert profiles.

If you want to update your publications you need to submit them to your repository. Please follow the appropriate link below to find out how to submit publications to the repository at your institution.

In this particular deployment, Aficionado Experts for Knowledge Transfer Ireland, the publication data we harness has come from the following repositories:

Cork Institute of Technology - https://sword.cit.ie/

DAIR - -

Dublin Business School - http://esource.dbs.ie/

Dublin City University - http://doras.dcu.ie/

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies - https://dair.dias.ie/

Dublin Institute of Technology - -

Dundalk IT - http://www.dkit.ie/

Galway-Mayo IT - https://research.thea.ie/handle/20.500.12065/4

IT Sligo - https://research.thea.ie/handle/20.500.12065/3

Letterkenny IT - https://research.thea.ie/handle/20.500.12065/5

Marine Institute - http://oar.marine.ie/

Maynooth University - http://eprints.nuim.ie/

National College Ireland - -

National College of Ireland - http://trap.ncirl.ie/

National University of Ireland Galway - http://aran.library.nuigalway.ie/

National University of Ireland Maynooth - -

PubMed - https://eutils.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - http://epubs.rcsi.ie/

Teagasc - http://t-stor.teagasc.ie/

Trinity College Dublin - http://www.tara.tcd.ie/

TU Dublin - https://arrow.tudublin.ie/

TU Dublin (Blanchardstown Campus) - https://arrow.tudublin.ie/

TU Dublin (Tallaght Campus) - https://arrow.tudublin.ie/

University College Cork - http://cora.ucc.ie/

University College Dublin - https://researchrepository.ucd.ie/

University of Limerick - http://ulir.ul.ie/

Waterford Institute of Technology - http://eprints.wit.ie/

5. My publications are on the system but I am not an Expert. Why?

In order to be considered an Expert by the system, an author must have at least 3 total publications within a subject area, with at least one of those published in the last 4 years. If you think you meet this criteria but are not an expert, please let us know via the Feedback facility.