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Richard O'Kennedy
Stephen Hearty
B Vijayalakshmi Ayyar



species war antibodies selection bias rabbits cysteine screening expression

Decoding Selection Bias Imparted by Unpaired Cysteines: a Tug of War Between Expression and Affinity. (2017)

Abstract In a recombinant antibody scFv format, the presence of an unpaired cysteine (Cys) is implicated in reduced soluble expression and inefficient presentation in phage display. Compared to other species, antibodies derived from rabbits are more likely to contain this unpaired Cys residue at position 80 (Cys80), when generated in a scFv format. In a screening campaign to isolate rabbit scFv against cardiac troponin I (cTnI), it was found that, a large proportion of isolated cTnI-specific clones contained unpaired Cys80. To analyze the factors that led to the selection of anti-cTnI Cys80 scFv, after five rounds of biopanning, the biopanning experiments were repeated with a Cys80 scFv (MG4
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Richard O'Kennedy, Stephen Hearty, B Vijayalakshmi Ayyar

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