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Sven Ingebrandt
Richard O'Kennedy
Norbert Klein
Ronald Thoelen
Patrick Wagner
Rainer Lilischkis
Mohammad Adabi
Hui Ma
Olena Shaforost
Shikha Sharma
and 2 others



state of the art arrays cardiovascular disease point of care graphene graphene sensor array fatty acid binding proteins high sensitivity

ScFv-modified graphene-coated IDE-arrays for 'label-free' screening of cardiovascular disease biomarkers in physiological saline. (2017)

Abstract Fatty-acid binding proteins (FABP) and myeloperoxidases (MPO) are associated with many chronic conditions in humans and considered to be important biomarkers for diagnosis of cardiac diseases. Here we assemble a new electrical biosensor platform based on graphene-coated interdigitated electrode arrays (IDE-arrays) towards ultrafast, label-free screening of heart type-FABP and MPO. Arrays of nanoscale (nanoIDE) and microscale (microIDE) electrode-arrays were fabricated on wafer-scale by combining nanoimprint and photolithography processes. Chemical vapor deposition grown multilayer graphene was transferred onto nano/microIDE-arrays and used as a high surface-to-volume ratio electrical transducer. Novel biofunctional layers of specially engineered anti-h-FABP and anti-MPO single-chain fragment variables (scFv) were immobilized onto graphene-coated IDE-array sensor platform for electrical detection of h-FABP and MPO in physiological saline. scFv fragments show increased sensitivity in comparison to the state-of-the-art competitive ELISA for their higher affinity towards target analytes. Deploying FABP and MPO specific scFvs as receptor molecules onto our high-sensitivity graphene-coated IDE-arrays with identical sensor characteristics and assays covering clinically relevant concentrations in physiological saline, we demonstrate realization of a simple and versatile biosensor platform capable of high performance cardiac-bioassays for point-of-care applications.
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Sven Ingebrandt, Richard O'Kennedy, Norbert Klein, Ronald Thoelen, Patrick Wagner, Rainer Lilischkis, Mohammad Adabi, Hui Ma, Olena Shaforost, Shikha Sharma and 2 others

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