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Adrian R Martineau
Mitsuyoshi Urashima
Iwona Stelmach
David Mauger
Megan E Jensen
Conor P Kerley
Carlos A. Camargo
Christopher J Griffiths
Richard L Hooper
Lauren Greenberg
and 1 others


Medicine & Nursing

data analysis health research national institute vitamin d supplementation meta analysis systematic review randomised controlled trials this review

Vitamin D supplementation to prevent asthma exacerbations: a systematic review and meta-analysis of individual participant data. (2017)

Abstract A previous aggregate data meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials showed that vitamin D supplementation reduces the rate of asthma exacerbations requiring treatment with systemic corticosteroids. Whether this effect is restricted to patients with low baseline vitamin D status is unknown. For this systematic review and one-step and two-step meta-analysis of individual participant data, we searched MEDLINE, Embase, the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, and Web of Science for double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised controlled trials of vitamin D Our search identified 483 unique studies, eight of which were eligible randomised controlled trials (total 1078 participants). We sought individual participant data for each and obtained it for seven studies (955 participants). Vitamin D supplementation reduced the rate of asthma exacerbation requiring treatment with systemic corticosteroids among all participants (adjusted incidence rate ratio [aIRR] 0·74, 95% CI 0·56-0·97; p=0·03; 955 participants in seven studies; high-quality evidence). There were no significant differences between vitamin D and placebo in the proportion of participants with at least one exacerbation or time to first exacerbation. Subgroup analyses of the rate of asthma exacerbations treated with systemic corticosteroids revealed that protective effects were seen in participants with baseline 25(OH)D of less than 25 nmol/L (aIRR 0·33, 0·11-0·98; p=0·046; 92 participants in three studies; moderate-quality evidence) but not in participants with higher baseline 25(OH)D levels (aIRR 0·77, 0·58-1·03; p=0·08; 764 participants in six studies; moderate-quality evidence; p Vitamin D supplementation reduced the rate of asthma exacerbations requiring treatment with systemic corticosteroids overall. We did not find definitive evidence that effects of this intervention differed across subgroups of patients. Health Technology Assessment Program, National Institute for Health Research (reference number 13/03/25).
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Adrian R Martineau, Mitsuyoshi Urashima, Iwona Stelmach, David Mauger, Megan E Jensen, Conor P Kerley, Carlos A. Camargo, Christopher J Griffiths, Richard L Hooper, Lauren Greenberg and 1 others

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