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male mortality cardiovascular mortality celtic tiger irish population economic crisis economic recession financial crisis irish economic crisis

Effect of the 2008 economic crisis on the cardiovascular mortality of the Irish population: an ecological 12-year study of a heart-broken Celtic Tiger. (2017)

Abstract Ireland has endured a substantial financial crisis in 2008 and we sought to explore the effect of economic recession on Irish cardiovascular mortality. We found an increase by 17.2% in CVA-deaths during the financial crisis years (95% CI 11.1% to 23.6%). In males, we found a notable rise in the annual IHD rate by 7.56% (95% CI 4.73% to 10.46%), in annual MI rate by 2.96% (95% CI 0.16% to 5.84%), and in annual CVA death rate by 20.07% (95% CI 16.13% to 24.14%). In females our findings indicated an increased rate of CVA-related deaths during the economic crisis by 15.54% (95% CI 6.67% to 25.16%). Irish CVA-related deaths increased during the economic crisis for males and females alike. Male IHD-related deaths have also risen indicating a potential differential effect for financial hardships on male gender mortality.
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