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Ahmed O Almobarak
Sufian K Noor
Mugtaba Osman
Wadie M Elmadhoun
Heitham Awadalla
Mohamed H Ahmed


Medicine & Nursing

logistic regression analysis body mass index odds ratio acute coronary syndrome low density lipoprotein cholesterol risk factors data collection diabetes mellitus

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Acute Coronary Syndrome Among Sudanese Individuals With Diabetes: A Population-Based Study. (2017)

Abstract Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is common with diabetes. The aim of this study was to establish prevalence and risk factors for ACS among Sudanese individuals with diabetes mellitus (DM). A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted in Khartoum State and Atabra (North of Sudan). The data collection was performed through pretested questionnaire, in addition to measurement of lipid profile and HbA1c. Among the 496 respondents, 234 (48.4%) were males and only 15 of them had ACS, while 255 (51.6%) were females and 12 had ACS. Therefore, the prevalence of ACS was 5.44% (95% confidence interval (CI): 3.45-7.44%). The unadjusted risk factors for ACS were age (P = 0.0008864), duration of DM (P = 0.01105) and presence of hypertension (P = 0.0006021). The presence of albuminuria, gender, and body mass index (BMI) was not associated with ACS. In addition, parameters like HbA1c, high-density lipoprotein (HDL), triglyceride and low-density cholesterol (LDL) were also not associated with ACS. Logistic regression analysis showed that duration of diabetes (odds ratio (OR) for below 5 years' history of DM = 0.175 (95% CI for OR: 0.180 - 0.835), P = 0.04051) and hypertension (OR = 2.462 (95% CI for OR: 1.007 - 6.500), P = 0.039) were absolute risk factors for ACS. The prevalence of ACS is estimated to be 5.44%. ACS in Sudanese individuals with DM was associated with hypertension, increase in age and increase in duration of DM.
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Ahmed O Almobarak, Sufian K Noor, Mugtaba Osman, Wadie M Elmadhoun, Heitham Awadalla, Mohamed H Ahmed

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