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Noel A. McCarthy
Donal J O'Callaghan
Alan L Kelly
James A O'Mahony
Clodagh M Kelleher



single thermal processing dairy processing behavior product development tool protein processing viscosity

Evaluation of Models for Temperature-Dependent Viscosity Changes in Dairy Protein Beverage Formulations During Thermal Processing. (2017)

Abstract Rheological modeling as a function of temperature is a useful tool for describing products undergoing thermal processing. The rheological behavior of a range of dairy-based (4%, w/w) protein beverages was investigated for applicability to semi-empirical temperature-dependent viscosity equations. The viscosity at 16.8 rad/s of the beverages was measured during heating, holding, and cooling over a temperature range of 25 to 90 This study validated the use of the Williams-Landel-Ferry equation to describe the behavior of dairy beverages during thermal processing, providing a better fit to rheological data than the widely used Arrhenius-based equations. In conjunction with the WLF equation, a method was presented which reduced the complex rheological data to a single value, which can aid in the comparison of formulations for product development and optimization in both research and industry.
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Noel A. McCarthy, Donal J O'Callaghan, Alan L Kelly, James A O'Mahony, Clodagh M Kelleher

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