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Antonio González-Sarrías
Juan Carlos Espín
Christine Morand
Eileen R Gibney
Dilip K Rai
Christos A Kontogiorgis
Geoffrey Istas
Ana Rodriguez-Mateos
Paul A Kroon
Wendy J Hollands
and 9 others


Medicine & Nursing

anthocyanins meta analysis ellagitannins red wine cholesterol hdl interindividual variability cardiometabolic disorders pomegranate red grapes blood pressure clinical trials individual cholesterol ldl nuts berries waist circumference health status

Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Foods and Derived Products Containing Ellagitannins and Anthocyanins on Cardiometabolic Biomarkers: Analysis of Factors Influencing Variability of the Individual Responses. (2018)

Abstract Understanding interindividual variability in response to dietary polyphenols remains essential to elucidate their effects on cardiometabolic disease development. A meta-analysis of 128 randomized clinical trials was conducted to investigate the effects of berries and red grapes/wine as sources of anthocyanins and of nuts and pomegranate as sources of ellagitannins on a range of cardiometabolic risk biomarkers. The potential influence of various demographic and lifestyle factors on the variability in the response to these products were explored. Both anthocyanin- and ellagitannin-containing products reduced total-cholesterol with nuts and berries yielding more significant effects than pomegranate and grapes. Blood pressure was significantly reduced by the two main sources of anthocyanins, berries and red grapes/wine, whereas waist circumference, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose were most significantly lowered by the ellagitannin-products, particularly nuts. Additionally, we found an indication of a small increase in HDL-cholesterol most significant with nuts and, in flow-mediated dilation by nuts and berries. Most of these effects were detected in obese/overweight people but we found limited or non-evidence in normoweight individuals or of the influence of sex or smoking status. The effects of other factors, i.e., habitual diet, health status or country where the study was conducted, were inconsistent and require further investigation.
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Antonio González-Sarrías, Juan Carlos Espín, Christine Morand, Eileen R Gibney, Dilip K Rai, Christos A Kontogiorgis, Geoffrey Istas, Ana Rodriguez-Mateos, Paul A Kroon, Wendy J Hollands and 9 others

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