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L Viani
R.B Reilly
C Simoes-Franklin
F Glynn
R R Ramli
J Thapa
P Walshe


Computer Science

tool single testing devices children skills clinical language

The usefulness integrity testing in children: A single institution experience of 86 tests over a period of 20 years. (2018)

Abstract Integrity testing is an in-vivo test that assesses the implant functionality and is used when device failure is suspected. In the last 15 years, integrity testing was performed in 11% of all devices implanted in children. Clinical performance problems, i.e. lack of progress, were the main reason to perform integrity testing in children, followed by technical and auditory problems. Twenty-five devices were explanted and in two cases integrity testing failed to identify device malfunction. Integrity testing is a valuable clinical tool and should be considered when there is a clinical concern about lack of progress in children who might not have the language skills to communicate device related problems, although a multi-disciplinary clinical decision has to prevail despite integrity test results. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
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L Viani, R.B Reilly, C Simoes-Franklin, F Glynn, R R Ramli, J Thapa, P Walshe

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