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Aifric O'Sullivan
Oscar Cassetti
Michael O'Sullivan
Michael Crowe



early childhood cohort study risk factor body mass index growing up dietary intake pre school children health behaviour

Weight Status and Dental Problems in Early Childhood: Classification Tree Analysis of a National Cohort. (2017)

Abstract A poor quality diet may be a common risk factor for both obesity and dental problems such as caries. The aim of this paper is to use classification tree analysis (CTA) to identify predictors of dental problems in a nationally representative cohort of Irish pre-school children. CTA was used to classify variables and describe interactions between multiple variables including socio-demographics, dietary intake, health-related behaviour, body mass index (BMI) and a dental problem. Data were derived from the second (2010/2011) wave of the 'Growing Up in Ireland' study (GUI) infant cohort at 3 years,
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Aifric O'Sullivan, Oscar Cassetti, Michael O'Sullivan, Michael Crowe

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