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C Bergin
C Merry
A Broderick
E Relihan
D Morley
R O'Connor



acute teaching ireland hospital interventions medication errors malaria education treatment

Interventions to Improve the Treatment of Malaria in an Acute Teaching Hospital in Ireland. (2017)

Abstract Malaria is the most serious parasitic infection. At our institution over a two year period there were treatment errors in 18% (n=3) of cases. The aim of this multidisciplinary study was to ensure appropriate and timely treatment of malaria by implementation of a cluster of interventions: reconfiguration of existing guidelines, provision of prescribing information; delivery of education sessions to front-line staff and enabling rapid access to medication. Staff feedback was assessed through a questionnaire. Perceived benefits gained included awareness of guidelines (91%, n= 39), how to diagnose (81%, n =35), how to treat (86%, n=37), that treatment must be prompt (77%, n=33) and where to find treatment out of hours (84%, n=36). 'Others' perceived benefits (5% n= 2) noted referred to treatment in pregnancy. Going forward, a programme of on-going staff education, repeated audits of guideline compliance and promotion of reporting of medication errors should help ensure that these benefits are sustained.
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C Bergin, C Merry, A Broderick, E Relihan, D Morley, R O'Connor

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