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Frank Wellmer
George Coupland
Beibei Zheng
Darragh Stewart
Diarmuid S Ó'Maoiléidigh



mads domain proteins shp2 protein arabidopsis genetics cytokinins models biological arabidopsis growth development gene expression regulation plant mutation genes plant homeodomain proteins plant growth regulators plant leaves arabidopsis proteins metabolism transcription factors flowers plants genetically modified kan4 protein arabidopsis gene expression regulation developmental shp1 protein arabidopsis trichomes agamous protein arabidopsis

Floral homeotic proteins modulate the genetic program for leaf development to suppress trichome formation in flowers. (2017)

Abstract As originally proposed by Goethe in 1790, floral organs are derived from leaf-like structures. The conversion of leaves into different types of floral organ is mediated by floral homeotic proteins, which, as described by the ABCE model of flower development, act in a combinatorial manner. However, how these transcription factors bring about this transformation process is not well understood. We have previously shown that floral homeotic proteins are involved in suppressing the formation of branched trichomes, a hallmark of leaf development, on reproductive floral organs of
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Frank Wellmer, George Coupland, Beibei Zheng, Darragh Stewart, Diarmuid S Ó'Maoiléidigh

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