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Christy Charlton
John Francis Donegan
Michael Lynch
Vincent Laurence Weldon
Pablo Pineda-Vadillo



spectroscopy photons chemistry tuneable laser lasers semiconductor feedback stabilisation equipment design equipment failure analysis instrumentation photonic high power spectrum analysis radiation effects fiber optic technology wavelength modulation wm acetylene computer aided design

Non-resonant wavelength modulation saturation spectroscopy in acetylene-filled hollow-core photonic bandgap fibres applied to modulationfree laser diode stabilisation (2009)

Abstract In this paper the application of Wavelength Modulation (WM) techniques to non-resonant saturation spectroscopy in acetylene-filled Hollow-Core Photonic Bandgap Fibres (HC-PBFs) and m odulation-free Laser Diode (LD) frequency stabilisation is investi gated. In the first part WM techniques are applied to non-resonant pump-prob e saturation of acetylene overtone rotational transitions in a HC-P BF. A high-power DFB chip-on-carrier mounted LD is used in conjunction w ith a tuneable External Cavity Laser (ECL) and the main saturation paramete rs are characterized. In the second part a novel feedback system to stabiliz e the DFB emission wavelength based on the WM saturation results is im plemented. Modulation-free locking of the DFB laser frequency to the narrow linewidth saturation feature is achieved for both constant an d variable LD temperatures
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Christy Charlton, John Francis Donegan, Michael Lynch, Vincent Laurence Weldon, Pablo Pineda-Vadillo

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