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Yury Rakovich
John Francis Donegan



170 4520 optical confinement and manipulation radiation induced cdte quantum dots 230 5750 resonators semiconductor quantum dots whispering gallery modes 290 4020 mie theory 260 3800 luminescence

Radiation-pressure-induced mode splitting in a spherical microcavity (2007)

Abstract In this work, we present a novel method to reveal azimuthal whispering gallery modes (WGMs) in a spherical microcavity coated with a nano-meter thick polyelectrolyte shell and one monolayer of CdTe semiconductor quantum dots. The new approach in this experiment is based on the deformation of the spherical shape in a non-contact way using the radiation pressure from a laser beam, which causes the lifting of the degeneracy of the WGMs. The resonance peak linewidth and splitting parameters can be efficiently controlled by the strength of the radiation pressure and the elastic properties of the surface shell.
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Yury Rakovich, John Francis Donegan

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