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D McNamara
A M Tobin
M Connolly
R O'Connor
R Hellen
S Kirthi



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Hidradenitis Suppurativa and Crohn's Disease: A Case Series. (2017)

Abstract Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is characterized by chronic recurrent abscesses, nodules and draining sinus tracts with scar formation. Cutaneous Crohn's Disease (CD) may also present similarly. We wished to identify and describe an Irish cohort with combined HS and CD, with a view to a better recognition of clinical manifestations and understanding of the pathophysiology underlying these two overlapping conditions. Cases were identified using the HIPE Code at Tallaght Hospital from 1990-2014 and retrospective review was performed. Seven patients with both HS and CD were identified, 5(71%) female. The median age of diagnosis with both conditions was 37 years. In all cases, CD had preceded the diagnosis of HS. All patients smoked. Six had an increased BMI and 43% had additional autoimmune conditions. All patients required treatment with a TNF-alpha inhibitor for HS with 5 of 6 subjects having reduced frequency of flare ups and clinically less active HS on follow up.
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D McNamara, A M Tobin, M Connolly, R O'Connor, R Hellen, S Kirthi

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