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Michael A. Morris
Alan P Bell
Cian Cummins



directed assembly poly a optical patterning poly styrene semiconductor manufacturing integrated circuits device application self assembly

Creating Active Device Materials for Nanoelectronics Using Block Copolymer Lithography. (2017)

Abstract The prolonged and aggressive nature of scaling to augment the performance of silicon integrated circuits (ICs) and the technical challenges and costs associated with this has led to the study of alternative materials that can use processing schemes analogous to semiconductor manufacturing. We examine the status of recent efforts to develop active device elements using nontraditional lithography in this article, with a specific focus on block copolymer (BCP) feature patterning. An elegant route is demonstrated using directed self-assembly (DSA) of BCPs for the fabrication of aligned tungsten trioxide (WO₃) nanowires towards nanoelectronic device application. The strategy described avoids conventional lithography practices such as optical patterning as well as repeated etching and deposition protocols and opens up a new approach for device development. Nanoimprint lithography (NIL) silsesquioxane (SSQ)-based trenches were utilized in order to align a cylinder forming poly(styrene)-
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Michael A. Morris, Alan P Bell, Cian Cummins

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