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Jenny Hall
Fiona Timmins
Vivienne Brady
Sílvia Caldeira
Joana Romeiro



empirical research qualitative research female thematic analysis synthesis infertility qualitative studies living

Spiritual aspects of living with infertility: synthesis of qualitative studies. (2016)

Abstract To identify the spiritual aspects of patients experiencing infertility and seek a deeper and broader meaning of the involuntary childlessness experience. Infertility can be the cause for a spiritual crisis among some couples. Those who endure this involuntary childlessness condition frequently experience contradictory feelings and needs. In this context, core aspects of spirituality such as meaning and purpose in life are often questioned. A review and synthesis of qualitative empirical research was undertaken in order to seek a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects of patients' experiences of infertility. An aggregative synthesis was conducted according to Saini & Shlonsky (2012), using thematic analysis. A total of 26 studies included female, male and couples. Settings revealed interviewees in different infertility phases such as diagnosis, Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) and following fertility treatments. Two main themes emerged: spiritual needs and spirituality as a coping resource for infertility. Infertility affects the holistic existence of the couples. This adversity awakens spiritual needs along with unmet needs of parenthood. Coping strategies incorporating spirituality can enhance the ability of couples to overcome childlessness and suffering. Infertile couples' experiences of infertility may offer an opportunity for spiritual care particularly related to the assessment of spiritual needs and the promotion of spiritual coping strategies. Effective holistic care should support couples in overcoming and finding meaning in this life and health condition. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
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Jenny Hall, Fiona Timmins, Vivienne Brady, Sílvia Caldeira, Joana Romeiro

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