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Laura Behan
John Goodwin
Peter Kelly
Aine Horgan



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Depressive Symptoms and Suicidal Ideation among Irish Undergraduate College Students. (2018)

Abstract This study examined the prevalence of depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation among 220 first year undergraduate university students in Ireland. Data were collected using the Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale and the Suicidal Behaviours Questionnaire. Findings indicated that 59% of participants experienced depressive symptoms and 28.5% had suicidal ideation. Financial stress and poor relationships with both parents, increased the odds of experiencing depressive symptoms. Sexual orientation, financial stress, and poor relationships with fathers, increased the odds of experiencing suicidal ideation. Suicidal ideation was also higher in those who had sought help in the past from mental health professionals. Nurses need to be aware of the factors associated with mental ill-health in this population.
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Laura Behan, John Goodwin, Peter Kelly, Aine Horgan

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