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infrared spectra ultraviolet spectra density functional theory band structure visible spectra thin films molybdenum compounds nanostructured materials optical dispersion

Optical properties of Mo6S3I6 nanowires (2007)

Abstract Optical reflectivity and absorbance measurements of oriented Mo6S3I6 nanowire thin films and dispersions in different solvents are presented extending from the far infrared to the ultraviolet. In spite of the highly one-dimensional character of the nanowire material and narrow electronic valence and conduction subbands, as predicted by the density-functional theory calculations, sharp Van Hove features in the optical absorption spectra are not observed, partly because of the large density of interpenetrating electron subbands and partly due to damping and disorder. The optically measured electrical conductivity extrapolated to zero frequency 1(0) and the calculated conductivity are significantly higher than the typical dc value from resistance measurements, indicating that disorder limits electron transport, a feature characteristic of strongly one-dimensional systems.
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