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Ivan J. Perry
James R Hébert
Nitin Shivappa
Catherine M. Phillips



mental health clinical significance pro inflammatory index public health anxiety well being logistic regression

Dietary inflammatory index and mental health: A cross-sectional analysis of the relationship with depressive symptoms, anxiety and well-being in adults. (2017)

Abstract The relationship between diet, inflammation and mental health is of increasing interest. However, limited data regarding the role of dietary inflammatory potential in this context exist. Therefore the aim of this work was to examine associations between the inflammatory potential of habitual diet and mental health outcomes in a cross-sectional sample of 2047 adults (50.8% female). Diet was assessed using a self-completed food frequency questionnaire from which dietary inflammatory index (DII Logistic regression analyses revealed that higher energy-adjusted DII (E-DII These findings, which suggest that a pro-inflammatory diet is associated with adverse mental health, may be of clinical and public health significance regarding the development of novel nutritional psychiatry approaches to promote good mental health.
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Ivan J. Perry, James R Hébert, Nitin Shivappa, Catherine M. Phillips

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