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Jonathan Bones
Anna Lindeberg
Renate Kunert
Monica Ambrose
David Reinhart
Christian Kaisermayer
Simone Albrecht



reaction prediction proteins analysis stress proteins marker tool cell death

Multiple reaction monitoring targeted LC-MS analysis of potential cell death marker proteins for increased bioprocess control. (2017)

Abstract The monitoring of protein biomarkers for the early prediction of cell stress and death is a valuable tool for process characterization and efficient biomanufacturing control. A representative set of six proteins, namely GPDH, PRDX1, LGALS1, CFL1, TAGLN2 and MDH, which were identified in a previous CHO-K1 cell death model using discovery LC-MS
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Jonathan Bones, Anna Lindeberg, Renate Kunert, Monica Ambrose, David Reinhart, Christian Kaisermayer, Simone Albrecht

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