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David E MacHugh
Imtiaz A S Randhawa
Carolina N Correia
John F Kearney
Alan G Fahey
Stephen D E Park
David A Magee
Ian W. Richardson
Gillian McHugo
Sam Browett


Agriculture & Food Science

clustering analysis characterisation genetic component phylogenetic trees genetic analysis cattle irish principal component analysis gene flow

Genomic Characterisation of the Indigenous Irish Kerry Cattle Breed. (2017)

Abstract Kerry cattle are an endangered landrace heritage breed of cultural importance to Ireland. In the present study we have used genome-wide SNP array data to evaluate genomic diversity within the Kerry population and between Kerry cattle and other European breeds. Patterns of genetic differentiation and gene flow among breeds using phylogenetic trees with ancestry graphs highlighted historical gene flow from the British Shorthorn breed into the ancestral population of modern Kerry cattle. Principal component analysis (PCA) and genetic clustering emphasised the genetic distinctiveness of Kerry cattle relative to comparator British and European cattle breeds. Modelling of genetic effective population size (
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David E MacHugh, Imtiaz A S Randhawa, Carolina N Correia, John F Kearney, Alan G Fahey, Stephen D E Park, David A Magee, Ian W. Richardson, Gillian McHugo, Sam Browett

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