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C K Simms
D C Winter
A Kiernan
G M Cooney


Medicine & Nursing

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Optimized wound closure using a biomechanical abdominal model. (2017)

Abstract Suturing techniques for midline abdominal wall incisions vary between surgeons. This study uses a biomechanical abdominal model to assess tissue stretch using different suturing techniques for midline laparotomy closure. Deformation tests were performed on the linea alba of 48 porcine abdominal walls. Each pattern was tested three times at pressures ranging from 0 to 20 kPa using different continuous suturing techniques and a control. There was a sevenfold improvement when the best performing bite separation and bite width ([5, 16] mm) was compared with the most poorly performing combination ([15, 4] mm). The traditional bite and width separation ([10, 10] mm) and the recently proposed combination ([5, 5] mm) may not be optimal, and substantial improvements in surgical outcome may be achieved by changing to a [5,16]-mm combination. These findings suggest using a small bite separation (5 mm) and large bite width (16 mm) during abdominal wound closure may be optimal. Surgical relevance Suturing techniques for midline abdominal wall incisions vary between surgeons. This experimental study suggests substantial potential for improved tissue apposition by changing the suturing approach from the traditional clinical recommendation of 10 mm for both bite separation and bite width to a bite separation of 5 mm and a bite width of 16 mm. These findings support recent European Hernia Society guidelines and the recent randomized STITCH (Suture Techniques to Reduce the Incidence of The inCisional Hernia) trial, which found that small separations are more effective than large separations, but suggest that they should be combined with large bite depths.
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C K Simms, D C Winter, A Kiernan, G M Cooney

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