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F Dias
S Guillas
K Rajendran
D Roy
M Venugopal
D Gopinathan



source uncertainties tsunami stochastic waves inversion nonlinear fault model

Uncertainties in the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman source through nonlinear stochastic inversion of tsunami waves. (2017)

Abstract Numerical inversions for earthquake source parameters from tsunami wave data usually incorporate subjective elements to stabilize the search. In addition, noisy and possibly insufficient data result in instability and non-uniqueness in most deterministic inversions, which are barely acknowledged. Here, we employ the satellite altimetry data for the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman tsunami event to invert the source parameters. We also include kinematic parameters that improve the description of tsunami generation and propagation, especially near the source. Using a finite fault model that represents the extent of rupture and the geometry of the trench, we perform a new type of nonlinear joint inversion of the slips, rupture velocities and rise times with minimal
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F Dias, S Guillas, K Rajendran, D Roy, M Venugopal, D Gopinathan

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Fr?d?ric Dias
Trinity College Dublin
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