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Peter J O'Brien
Maureen McCullough
Joseph Cassidy
Aimee Hope
Maria Balan



male prevalence lymphoma t cell cat eosinophilia physical examination treatment history

Marked paraneoplastic basophilia accompanying eosinophilia in a cat with alimentary T-cell lymphoma. (2017)

Abstract A 5-year-old male neutered domestic shorthair cat was referred with a history of persistent pyrexia, pica, soft faeces, inappetence, intermittent vomiting, mild-to-moderate granulocytosis and mild hypercalcaemia. No significant improvement was noted after antibiotic and corticosteroid treatment, except that the hypercalcaemia resolved. Physical examination, including thoracic auscultation, and abdominal and peripheral lymph node palpation, were unremarkable. On admission, haematology revealed moderate leukocytosis (36.8 × 10 This is the most severe case of paraneoplastic basophilia reported with feline alimentary T-cell lymphoma with accompanying eosinophilia and lymph node infiltration. Feline basophil prevalence is reported for the first time.
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Peter J O'Brien, Maureen McCullough, Joseph Cassidy, Aimee Hope, Maria Balan

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