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Martin J Green
Lorna Citer
Luke O'Grady
Simon J More
Paul Whyte
Michael L Doherty
Conor G McAloon



logistic regression risk assessment latent class analysis logistic models risk probability diagnostic tests risk factors irish dairy herd

Relative importance of herd-level risk factors for probability of infection with paratuberculosis in Irish dairy herds. (2017)

Abstract Control of paratuberculosis is challenging due to the relatively poor performance of diagnostic tests, a prolonged incubation period, and protracted environmental survival. Prioritization of herd-level interventions is not possible because putative risk factors are often not supported by risk factor studies. The objective for this study was to investigate the relative importance of risk factors for an increased probability of herd paratuberculosis infection. Risk assessment data, comprehensive animal purchase history, and diagnostic test data were available for 936 Irish dairy herds. Both logistic regression and a Bayesian β regression on the outcome of a latent class analysis were conducted. Population attributable fractions and proportional reduction in variance explained were calculated for each variable in the logistic and Bayesian models, respectively. Routine use of the calving area for sick or lame cows was found to be a significant explanatory covariate in both models. Purchasing behavior for the previous 10 yr was not found to be significant. For the logistic model, length of time calves spend in the calving pen (25%) and routine use of the calving pen for sick or lame animals (14%) had the highest attributable fractions. For the Bayesian model, the overall R
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Martin J Green, Lorna Citer, Luke O'Grady, Simon J More, Paul Whyte, Michael L Doherty, Conor G McAloon

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