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Brian Caulfield
Kevin T. Sweeney
Eamonn Delahunt
Matthew R Patterson



adult humans biosensing techniques physiology surgery knee joint biomechanical phenomena knee injuries female athletes physiopathology anterior cruciate ligament injuries anterior cruciate ligament gait range of motion articular

An ambulatory method of identifying anterior cruciate ligament reconstructed gait patterns. (2013)

Abstract The use of inertial sensors to characterize pathological gait has traditionally been based on the calculation of temporal and spatial gait variables from inertial sensor data. This approach has proved successful in the identification of gait deviations in populations where substantial differences from normal gait patterns exist; such as in Parkinsonian gait. However, it is not currently clear if this approach could identify more subtle gait deviations, such as those associated with musculoskeletal injury. This study investigates whether additional analysis of inertial sensor data, based on quantification of gyroscope features of interest, would provide further discriminant capability in this regard. The tested cohort consisted of a group of anterior cruciate ligament reconstructed (ACL-R) females and a group of non-injured female controls, each performed ten walking trials. Gait performance was measured simultaneously using inertial sensors and an optoelectronic marker based system. The ACL-R group displayed kinematic and kinetic deviations from the control group, but no temporal or spatial deviations. This study demonstrates that quantification of gyroscope features can successfully identify changes associated with ACL-R gait, which was not possible using spatial or temporal variables. This finding may also have a role in other clinical applications where small gait deviations exist.
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Brian Caulfield, Kevin T. Sweeney, Eamonn Delahunt, Matthew R Patterson

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