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Conor O'Brien
Clare Thornley



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Enterprise Information Management: Managing data and information for business advantage (2018)

Abstract This paper presents an overview of key literature (academic and practitioner) that has informed the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Critical Capability (CC) of IT-CMF in the digital business context. The paper highlights the key insights that underpin the EIM CC, and presents an up-to-date view of key thinking in this area. The goal of an effective EIM capability is to ensure that quality data and information is available to support the business activities of the organization. It ensures availability of appropriate operational data and information for business transactions, and consistently enables timely and informed decision-making. An effective EIM capability must include strategic integration between business goals and the information and data management strategy to support these. Managing data and information effectively also requires that the IT function supports, rather than drives, an organization’s strategic needs [1]. As a note on terminology, this position paper adopts the view, based on the Data Management Association International’s (DAMA) Body of Knowledge [1] (p.20) that data and information are so closely related that a precise differentiation between their meanings cannot usefully be provided. In terms of how they are managed in organizations, however, it can be useful to make a distinction between them for the purposes of clear communication about the requirements and expectations of different stakeholders e.g. a sales report (information) based on data from the data warehouse (data).
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