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Sean Commins
Charles Markham
Catherine Deegan
David Kaneswaran
Michael Brogan
Noel Daly



sustained attention rural exploratory study gender differences video irish future models theoretical

An exploratory study of the role played by sustained attention along a rural Irish route using a video-playback system (2014)

Abstract Inattention and distractibility are major causes of driver accidents. Using a video playback system with a video sequence taken from a rural Irish road, we compared the speed of those considered as having either high or low levels of sustained attention along the route, as well as, at targeted sections of the road. In addition, we manipulated the video sequence by adding a speed limit sign (augmented sequence) or by removal of the middle white line (redacted sequence) to determine how each group would react. Results revealed that those with high sustained attention showed generally lower speeds compared to those with low sustained attention with a significant difference between the groups at bends. Further, although no difference in reaction was found for any particular manipulated sequence, the high sustained attention group was found to be significantly slower at these locations. In addition, some gender differences were observed, females showed significantly lower speeds on straight stretches of road and at a school compared to male drivers. These results would suggest that both attentional capacity and gender should be considered as separate entities in future driving research and theoretical models.
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Sean Commins, Charles Markham, Catherine Deegan, David Kaneswaran, Michael Brogan, Noel Daly

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