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A study of the lexicon of the poems of Blathmac Son of Cú Brettan (2 Volumes) (2017)

Abstract The aims of the project for the PhD were to produce a provisional revised edition and translation of the entire text of the Poems of Blathmac, to compile a lexicographic database for a specialised dictionary of the poems and a literary study of the text. The provisional revised edition, translation and lexicographic database are contained on the memory stick provided along with this thesis. This includes the previously unedited text of the ‘Fragmentary Quatrains’. Chapter 1 of this thesis will present the evidence that exists about Blathmac, his family and their connection to the Fir Rois. It also deals with the provenance of the manuscript. In chapter 2, the content of the first poem is examined with emphasis on the theme of keening, and examines the reason for its composition. In chapter 3, the second poem is examined through the lens of the word célmain(d)e which, I argue, explains its purpose and the message that the poet is delivering. Chapter 4 contains a provisional edition of ‘The Fragmentary Quatrains’, a translation and notes. Chapter 5 is a list of all the verbs of both poems presented in alphabetical order. The provisional edition of the two poems is presented in Appendix 1. A compressed overview of the database is contained in Appendix 2. Appendix 3 is copy of Martin O’Leary’s score Figell Blathmaic.
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