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Denis M Collins
Maeve Kiely
Maria Prencipe
Graham Pidgeon
Sara Charmsaz



drug resistance technologies drug delivery innovative new approaches energy metabolism emerging technologies radiosensitizing cancer therapeutics cellular stress irish exosomes nanomedicine cancer treatment computational imaging

Innovative technologies changing cancer treatment (2018)

Abstract Conventional therapies for cancer such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy remain a mainstay in treatment, but in many cases a targeted approach is lacking, and patients can be vulnerable to drug resistance. In recent years, novel concepts have been emerging to improve the traditional therapeutic options in cancers with poor survival outcomes. New therapeutic strategies involving areas like energy metabolism and extracellular vesicles along with advances in immunotherapy and nanotechnology are driving the next generation of cancer treatments. The development of fields such as theranostics in nanomedicine is also opening new doors for targeted drug delivery and nano-imaging. Here we discuss the use of innovative technologies presented at the Irish Association for Cancer Research (IACR) Annual Meeting, highlighting examples of where new approaches may lead to promising new treatment options for a range of cancer types.
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Denis M Collins, Maeve Kiely, Maria Prencipe, Graham Pidgeon, Sara Charmsaz

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