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nanosheets dispersions quantitative analysis light scattering nanomaterial suspensions high aspect ratio wide bandgap refractive index

Non-resonant light scattering in dispersions of 2D nanosheets (2018)

Abstract Extinction spectra of nanomaterial suspensions can be dominated by light scattering, hampering quantitative spectral analysis. No simple models exist for the wavelength-dependence of the scattering coef?cients in suspensions of arbitrary-sized, high-aspect-ratio nanoparticles. Here, suspensions of BN, talc, GaS, Ni(OH) 2 , Mg(OH) 2 and Cu(OH) 2 nanosheets are used to explore non-resonant scattering in wide-bandgap 2D nanomaterials. Using an integrating sphere, scattering coef?cient (?) spectra were measured for a number of sizeselected fractions for each nanosheet type. Generally, ? scales as a power-law with wavelength in the non-resonant regime: ?(?)?[?/?L?] ?m , where ?L? is the mean nanosheet length. For all materials, the scattering exponent, m, forms a master-curve, transitioning from m = 4 to m = 2, as the characteristic nanosheet area increases, indicating a transition from Rayleigh to van der Hulst scattering. In addition, once material density and refractive index are factored out, the proportionality constant relating ? to [?/?L?] ?m , also forms a master-curve when plotted versus ?L?.
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