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Trinity Week Academic Symposium - Open access revolution: the local and national context (2007)

Abstract The title of this Academic Symposium comes from a paper read before Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland on Thursday, 14th January 1897, which refers to ?the grievances of prejudiced patriots or the dreams of statisticians? (Synnott, 1897). The organisers of this Symposium felt that the phrase sums up the varied nature of the Journal of the Statistical and Social Society of Ireland which we celebrate today and the aspirations of the distinguished authors who have contributed to the Journal over the past 160 years. The Society?s new webpages are just about to go live. From these you may link directly into the Current Journal and to the Archive on the web ? the complete collection of all papers published from 1848 to date. That includes over 1,300 papers. They are not particularly clean copies ? with there being annotations, signatures, marks of all kinds, evidence of the attention of many readers over the years. The papers digitised for this project came from bound volumes held in the Economic and Social Research Institute and in the Central Statistics Office. Trinity?s Library, with the careful supervision of its Conservation Department, allowed any gaps in the collection to be filled in. So we now have a complete set ? preserved and made available through an open access repository. The papers were individually catalogued to TCD Library standards.
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