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Cham Athwal
Peter Jancovic
Islah Ali-MacLachlan
Münevver Köküer
Daithi Kearney



music creation annotation metadata audio style digital content library

Towards the creation of digital library content to study aspects of style in Irish traditional music. (2014)

Abstract This paper presents our initial work on collection of recordings and related metadata with a view to the creation of digital library content for analysis of stylistic characteristics in Irish traditional music. We focus on ornamentation as this is a decisive stylistic determinant in Irish traditional music. The digital library contains a collection of audio recordings of prominent Irish flute players and metadata related to these recordings, such as manual annotation of onsets and offsets, identity of notes and ornaments, information related to performers and performers' style and make and type of instrument used.
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Cham Athwal, Peter Jancovic, Islah Ali-MacLachlan, Münevver Köküer, Daithi Kearney

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