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Pioneer of Folk Theatre, Pat Ahern of North Kerry (2015)

Abstract Pat Ahern is a fiddle player who epitomises the mantra ‘think global act local’. Throughout his life he has contributed to the sense of community at the level of parish and, through extraordinary creativity and leadership has inspired members of those communities to success on the world stage from the Abbey Theatre to Broadway. A student of the North Kerry dancing master Jeremiah Molyneaux, Ahern also became an accomplished fiddle player, influenced by both local musicians and recordings of Michael Coleman, whose fiddle he was bequeathed. His work with Siamsa Tíre, particularly in the exploration and development of Irish dance with contemporary influences, has been identified by many as the inspiration for Riverdance and the celebration of Irish culture on the world stage. As Siamsa reaches fifty years, it is timely to examine the incredible legacy of this man.
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