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Éistigí - Pictelín Joint Conference 2018. Creative Arts Research Centre, 17 May 2018, Dundalk Institute of Technology. Book of Abstacts. (2018)

Abstract The cultural and digital media sectors are amongst the most dynamic sectors of a knowledge economy, with the creative origination that underpins the creative media industries affording much potential for experimentation. The twin conferences entitled Éistigí and Picteilín provide a platform for Irish and European academics, postgraduate students, and practitioners to share knowledge and expand the boundaries of research that pivots on culture and arts practice alongside digital and creative media. Hosted by the Creative Arts Research Centre at Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT), Éistigí and Picteilín aim to provide a platform for communication between researchers, and ultimately to provide impetus and a common basis for the future of research in Creative Arts, Media and Music. The interchange of research results takes place through keynotes, oral presentations, film screenings and poster sessions. A strength of the twin approach is that it maximises synergies between disciplines. The conferences not only promote multidisciplinary research, by bringing researchers from music, games studies, computing, traditional media and digital media together to talk about issues from each of their perspectives, but it also promotes and reflects on interdisciplinary research. Éistigí and Picteilín 2018 are delighted to also facilitate the launch of Interactive Narratives and Transmedia Storytelling: Creating Immersive Stories by Creative Arts Research Centre member Dr Kelly McErlean.
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