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Joseph P Kerry
Maurice G O'Sullivan
Eimear Gallagher
Kieran N. Kilcawley
Andrey A Tyuftin
Aislinn M. Richardson


Agriculture & Food Science

sugar fraction physical properties products particle size texture sensory analysis sieved sugar colour

The impact of sugar particle size manipulation on the physical and sensory properties (2018)

Abstract The overall objective of this research was to assess the effect of sugar particle size manipulation on the physical and sensory properties of chocolate brownies. A control sugar (commercially available, 200-5181 μm) and four of its sieved sugar separates (mesh size of 710, 500, 355 and 212 μm) were determined by grinding and sieving. The particle diameter and diameter distributions of the control sugar and each sugar fraction were measured. As a result, five sugar treatments were determined for chocolate brownie formulations; Control (C200-5181 μm), Large-particle replacement (LPR924-1877 μm), Medium-particle replacement (MPR627-1214 μm), Small-particle replacement (SPR459-972 μm) and a known MIX sample. Samples were tested using sensory (hedonic & intensity), instrumental (texture and colour) and compositional analyses (moisture and fat). Brownie samples containing the smallest sugar fraction (SPR459-972 μm) were perceived as significantly sweeter than any other sample (p < 0.05). Brownies containing this fraction were also the softest and moistest samples (p < 0.05). Texture liking was significantly associated with the LPR924-1877 μm brownie (p < 0.05). Darkness of brownie samples increased (p < 0.05) as sugar particle size decreased. Therefore, sugar particle size alteration affects the physical and sensory properties of chocolate brownies and could be used as a viable approach to reduce sugar in confectionery-type products.
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Joseph P Kerry, Maurice G O'Sullivan, Eimear Gallagher, Kieran N. Kilcawley, Andrey A Tyuftin, Aislinn M. Richardson

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