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Fabio Benatti
Richard Jozsa
T. C. Dorlas
Nilanjana Datta



entropy von neumann quantum theory accessible information probability dimensions information theory higher

Properties of subentropy (2013)

Abstract Subentropy is an entropy-like quantity that arises in quantum information theory; for example, it provides a tight lower bound on the accessible information for pure state ensembles, dual to the von Neumann entropy upper bound in Holevo’s theorem. Here we establish a series of properties of subentropy, paralleling the well-developed analogous theory for von Neumann entropy. Further, we show that subentropy is a lower bound for min-entropy. We introduce a notion of conditional subentropy and show that it can be used to provide an upper bound for the guessing probability of any classical-quantum state of two qubits; we conjecture that the bound applies also in higher dimensions. Finally we give an operational interpretation of subentropy within classical information theory.
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Fabio Benatti, Richard Jozsa, T. C. Dorlas, Nilanjana Datta

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