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T. C. Dorlas
Mathieu Beau



diffraction quantum three dimensional models boundary conditions diffraction pattern three dimensional time and space treatment

Three-dimensional Quantum Slit Diffraction and Diffraction in Time (2014)

Abstract We study the quantum slit diffraction problem in three dimensions. In the treatment of diffraction of particles by a slit, it is usually assumed that the motion perpendicular to the slit is classical. Here we take into account the effect of the quantum nature of the motion perpendicular to the slit using the Green function approach [18]. We treat the diffraction of a Gaussian wave packet for general boundary conditions on the shutter. The difference between the standard and our three-dimensional slit diffraction models is analogous to the diffraction in time phenomenon introduced in [16]. We derive corrections to the standard formula for the diffraction pattern, and we point out situations in which this might be observable. In particular, we discuss the diffraction in space and time in the presence of gravity.
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T. C. Dorlas, Mathieu Beau

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