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J.V. Pulè
Philippe A. Martin
T. C. Dorlas



particles cycles representation gas validity mathematical long range order density

Long Cycles in a Perturbed Mean Field Model of a Boson Gas (2005)

Abstract In this paper we give a precise mathematical formulation of the relation between Bose condensation and long cycles and prove its validity for the perturbed mean field model of a Bose gas. We decompose the total density ρ = ρ_short + ρ_long into the number density of particles belonging to cycles of finite length (ρ_short) and to infinitely long cycles (ρ_long) in the thermodynamic limit. For this model we prove that when there is Bose condensation, ρ_long is different from zero and identical to the condensate density. This is achieved through an application of the theory of large deviations. We discuss the possible equivalence of ρ_long =/= 0 with off-diagonal long range order and winding paths that occur in the path integral representation of the Bose gas.
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J.V. Pulè, Philippe A. Martin, T. C. Dorlas

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