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D. F. Litim
F. Freire



first order perturbation theory phase transition phase transitions type i scale flow physical

Charge cross-over at the U(1)-Higgs phase transition (1999)

Abstract The type-I region of phase transitions at finite temperature of the U(1)-Higgs theory in 3+1 dimensions is investigated in detail using a Wilsonian renormalisation group. We consider in particular the quantitative effects induced through the cross-over of the scale-dependent Abelian charge from the Gaussian to a non-trivial Abelian fixed point. As a result, the strength of the first-order phase transition is weakened. Analytical solutions to approximate flow equations are obtained, and all characteristics of the phase transition are discussed and compared to the results obtained from perturbation theory. In addition, we present a detailed quantitative study regarding the dependence of the physical observables on the coarse-graining scheme. This results in error-bars for the regularisation scheme (RS) dependence. We find quantitative evidence for an intimate link between the RS dependence and truncations of flow equations.
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D. F. Litim, F. Freire

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