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Xabier Larrucea
Rory O'Connor
Antonio de Amescua
Mary-Luz Sanchez-Gordon



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A standard-based framework to integrate software work in small settings (2017)

Abstract Small software companies have to work hard in order to survive. They usually find it challenging to spend time and effort on improving there operations and processes. Therefore, it is important to address such needs by the introduction of a proposed framework that specifies ways of getting things done while consciously encourage them to enhance their ability to improve. Although there are many software process improvement approaches, none of them address the human factors of small companies in a comprehensive and holistic way. Samay is a proposed framework to integrate human factors in the daily work as a way to deal with that challenge. This study suggests managing human factors but pointing out the software process life cycle. The purpose is to converge toward a continuous improvement by means of alternative mechanisms that impact on people. This framework was developed based upon reviews of relevant standards (such as ISO/IEC 29110, ISO 10018, OMG Essence and ISO/IEC 33014) and previously published studies in this field. Moreover, an expert review and validation findings supported the view that Samay could support practitioners when small software companies want to start improving their ways of work.
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Xabier Larrucea, Rory O'Connor, Antonio de Amescua, Mary-Luz Sanchez-Gordon

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