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W. Skrypnik
T. C. Dorlas



class parameters quantum hydrogen bond ground state ground states oscillator magnetization

Three Order Parameters in Quantum XZ Spin-Oscillator Models with Gibbsian Ground States (2007)

Abstract Quantum models on the hyper-cubic d-dimensional lattice of spin-1/2 particles inter-acting with linear oscillators are shown to have three ferromagnetic ground state order parameters. Two order parameters coincide with the magnetization in the first and third directions and the third one is a magnetization in a continuous oscillator variable. The proofs use a generalized Peierls argument and two Griffiths inequalities. The class of spin-oscillator Hamiltonians considered manifest maximal ordering in their ground states. The models have relevance for hydrogen-bond ferroelectrics. The simplest of these is proven to have a unique Gibbsian ground state.
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W. Skrypnik, T. C. Dorlas

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