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Andy Way
Declan McKibben
Clare Conran
Longyue Wang
Darragh Blake
Jinhua Du


Computer Science

named entity recognition furhat robot entity translation dialogue translation service based application user friendly interface machine translating named entity translation

IDEA: an interactive dialogue translation demo system using Furhat robots (2019)

Abstract We showcase IDEA, an Interactive DialoguE trAnslation system using Furhat robots, whose novel contributions are: (i) it is a web service-based application combining translation service, speech recognition service and speech synthesis service; (ii) it is a task-oriented hybrid machine translation system combining statistical and neural machine learning methods for domain-specific named entity (NE) recognition and translation; and (iii) it provides user-friendly interactive interface using Furhat robot with speech input, output, head movement and facial emotions. IDEA is a case-study demo which can efficiently and accurately assist customers and agents in different languages to reach an agreement in a dialogue for the hotel booking.
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Andy Way, Declan McKibben, Clare Conran, Longyue Wang, Darragh Blake, Jinhua Du

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