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Andy Way
Qun Liu
Peyman Passban



probability neural network semantic language pairs statistical machine translation phrase based statistical machine translation machine translating experimental

Enriching phrase tables for statistical machine translation using mixed embeddings (2016)

Abstract The phrase table is considered to be the main bilingual resource for the phrase-based statistical machine translation (PBSMT) model. During translation, a source sentence is decomposed into several phrases. The best match of each source phrase is selected among several target-side counterparts within the phrase table, and processed by the decoder to generate a sentence-level translation. The best match is chosen according to several factors, including a set of bilingual features. PBSMT engines by default provide four probability scores in phrase tables which are considered as the main set of bilingual features. Our goal is to enrich that set of features, as a better feature set should yield better translations. We propose new scores generated by a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) which indicate the semantic relatedness of phrase pairs. We evaluate our model in different experimental settings with different language pairs. We observe significant improvements when the proposed features are incorporated into the PBSMT pipeline.
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Andy Way, Qun Liu, Peyman Passban

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