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Andy Way
Pintu Lohar
Walid Aransa
Haithem Afli



social media machine translating machine translation automatic error correction internet arabic language arabic user generated content pre processing

From Arabic user-generated content to machine translation: integrating automatic error correction (2016)

Abstract With the wide spread of the social media and online forums, individual users have been able to actively participate in the generation of online content in different languages and dialects. Arabic is one of the fastest growing languages used on Internet, but dialects (like Egyptian and Saudi Arabian) have a big share of the Arabic online content. There are many differences between Dialectal Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic which cause many challenges for Machine Translation of informal Arabic language. In this paper, we investigate the use of Automatic Error Correction method to improve the quality of Arabic User-Generated texts and its automatic translation. Our experiments show that the new system with automatic correction module outperforms the baseline system by nearly 22.59% of relative improvement.
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Andy Way, Pintu Lohar, Walid Aransa, Haithem Afli

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