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Dadong Wan
Edward Burgin
Jinhua Du
Jer Hayes
Utsab Barman
JingGuang Han



deep learning language learning technologies machine translating human capital sentiment analysis natural language processing distributed

NextGen AML: distributed deep learning based language technologies to augment anti money laundering Investigation (2018)

Abstract Most of the current anti money laundering (AML) systems, using handcrafted rules, are heavily reliant on existing structured databases, which are not capable of effectively and efficiently identifying hidden and complex ML activities, especially those with dynamic and timevarying characteristics, resulting in a high percentage of false positives. Therefore, analysts1 are engaged for further investigation which significantly increases human capital cost and processing time. To alleviate these issues, this paper presents a novel framework for the next generation AML by applying and visualizing deep learning-driven natural language processing (NLP) technologies in a distributed and scalable manner to augment AML monitoring and investigation. The proposed distributed framework performs news and tweet sentiment analysis, entity recognition, relation extraction, entity linking and link analysis on different data sources (e.g. news articles and tweets) to provide additional evidence to human investigators for final decisionmaking. Each NLP module is evaluated on a task-specific data set, and the overall experiments are performed on synthetic and real-world datasets. Feedback from AML practitioners suggests that our system can reduce approximately 30% time and cost compared to their previous manual approaches of AML investigation.
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Dadong Wan, Edward Burgin, Jinhua Du, Jer Hayes, Utsab Barman, JingGuang Han

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