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Sumsun Naher
Dermot Brabazon
Jamshid M. Nouri
Bhagya Lakshmi Dasari



mechanical engineering graphene based materials reduced graphene oxide rgo graphene oxide go this review nanoparticles np graphene nanoparticles gnp mechanical properties

Graphene and derivatives - synthesis techniques, properties and their energy applications (2017)

Abstract 2D nanomaterials with exceptional electrical, mechanical and thermal properties are promising reinforcing materials for fabricating high-performance composite materials. Rapid developments in nanotechnology in recent years have facilitated the development of advanced materials for functional devices. In particular, this review is focussed on the application of graphene nanoparticle-based composites (GNP's) and graphene derivatives in the fields of energy storage and conversion devices. This review focuses on these recent developments including the synthesis of graphene-based materials and its derivative, as well as the related achieved electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.
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Sumsun Naher, Dermot Brabazon, Jamshid M. Nouri, Bhagya Lakshmi Dasari

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