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Frank Hopfgartner
Cathal Gurrin
Hideo Joho


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Second interaction and engagement on information research and learning with lifelogging devices (IRLLD 2017) (2017)

Abstract iSchools have their roots in the collection, storage, analysis, and dissemination of archived materials of human activities. We foresee that sensing data via lifelogging devices (or Internet of Things at large) will eventually shape its significant part in the coming years. Information Research and Learning with Lifelogging Devices (IRLLD) aims to offer a unique opportunity to experience various lifelogging devices such as wearable video recorders, wearable cameras, GPS sensors, and audio recorders. Following the successful 1st IRLLD at iConference 2016 SIE (Joho, Gurrin, & Hopfgartner, 2016), the 2nd edition of IRLLD at iConference 2017 SIE offers extended lifelogging devices such as biometric sensors. IRLLD 2017 also demonstrates how to access a large lifelog dataset called NTCIR-12 Lifelog Test Collection, created by the organisers of IRLLD 2017. The intended audience includes information behavioural researchers (both qualitative and quantitative), multimedia and/or UI developers, students who want to improve their work/life experience, and educators who explores the ways to develop reflective learning programs using lifelogging data.
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Frank Hopfgartner, Cathal Gurrin, Hideo Joho

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