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Brian Tuohy
Mark O'Leary
Giuseppe Torre


Computer Science

pollen art movement virtual world virtual environment physics 3d audio visual installation network

POLLEN (2010)

Abstract POLLEN is an interactive 3D audio/visual installation for any number of computers connected to the network. Specifically designed for large computer Labs, it aims at the regeneration of those spaces through the creation of a fully immersive multimedia art installation. 3D World A 3D physics emulator library has been integrated into the 3D virtual world enabling pollen to collide and freely y/bounce around. The four delimiting walls are fitted with narrow slits enabling the pollen to y/bounce onto the adjacent computers (left/right/front/behind) When the user move or pass in front of a computer the camera detects the movement triggering a small "earthquake" into the virtual environment, thus enabling the pollen to freely move as lifted in the wind. Multichannel Audio.
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Brian Tuohy, Mark O'Leary, Giuseppe Torre

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